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Written by: The Arrow
Director: Russell Mulcahy

Christopher Lambert/John
Leland Orser/Andrew
Barbara Tyson/Sara
David Cronenberg/Father Rousell
8 10
A serial killer is running around killing innocents at random. The strange thing is that he always takes a piece of his victims with him, be it an arm, a leg or a head. It\'s up to good cop John (Lambert) and his partner Andrew (Orser) to figure out the maniac’s motive and to catch the crazy bastard.
\"Seven\" in my opinion is one of the best serial killer movies out there. Its success led to many \"copycat\" films to follow in its footsteps: \"Kiss The Girls\", \"Copycat\", \"Bone Collector etc. Resurrection does more than inspire itself from \"Seven\", it uses it as a template. The nature of the crime is similar, some of the plot points are almost identical, and the setting (always raining) is the same. Does that make Resurrection a bad movie? Not by a long shot. Does it beat its big daddy \"Seven\"? No….but it comes damn close.

This is a taunt, clever thriller, directed with kinetic style and energy. The story is fascinating and morbid, the characters are sympathetic and well developed and the action is non-stop. The film has extremely bloody deaths, realistic moving drama, some light humor and style to boot.

The script is tight if not a tad overblown. I mean the length this serial killer goes too achieve his goal is incredible. Can a person be that smart, that crazy? I don’t know… Also John catches up to the killers motive fairly quickly (montages of Lambert muttering to himself, scribbling on paper). So we got a super smart loony and super smart cop…ok…I’ll buy it.

There’s a subplot about John’s faith. He lost his love for god since his young son died in an accident. That aspect of the film gives way for teary moments between John and his wife (Tyson). Even the family priest shows up (played by director David Cronenberg). I didn’t know priests still made house calls in the year 2000. The dramatic scenes are well played and poignant…I just didn’t think the subplot was necessary. But on the other hand it doesn’t hurt the film and gives the character of John an extra layer. For you to judge if it was necessary.

Unlike \"Seven\" this film doesn’t only show us after the fact corpses, it also shows us the murderer on the make. There’s a particular scene where he kills one of his victims and I never thought I’d say this about a murder sequence but it’s a damn disturbing scene. The way it’s directed, the choice of score used during the action makes this scene a very sad one. Usually during a kill scene, being the gorehound that I am, I cheer. But the way this scene was done, it points to the horror of it all, the sadness of a fallen innocent, the cruelty of this abominable man. A very powerful scene.

Filled with nifty plot twists, suspense, action and gallons of blood, Resurrection stands on its own too feet right next to Seven as one of the more entertaining serial killer movie on the block. Resurrect this…
More gore than in my freezer. Bloody limbs, headless corpses, cut off legs and of course the killer’s final creation…putrid…you can smell the meat…
Love him or hate him, there’s no denying Christopher Lambert’s charisma. Here he gives a powerful performance. It’s real nice to see him in something other than the Mortal Kombats of the world. Lambert does serious again. Leland Orser (Andrew) brings solid support as Lambert’s sidekick. He’s funny, sympathetic and for a while he’s the audience’s eyes in the film. NOTE: He’s the same actor that played the hysterical guy forced to screw a hooker with a razor dildo in \"Seven\".

Barbara Tyson (Sara) holds her own and gives the dramatic scenes between her and Lambert that extra kick. She’s good. David Cronenberg needed money to finance his next project so he shows up, mutters a few lines and collects that check.
T & A
Does naked masculine corpses showing their package count? For me it doesn’t…but there are a lot of sick squirrels out there…
Mulcahy goes for the gold. The energy behind this film is incredible. If you’re a sucker for style you will be well served. Fluid camera shots, rapid circling shots, stretched lens up the wazoo, slow motion, fast motion…the man goes all out and I loved it. The lighting in this film is also dead on. Lots of bluish lights, yellow lights…this pizza is all dressed baby!
A powerful, heart pounding score. The music here is very well used and amplifies the dramatic events that are taking place. I consider the score to be a main character in the film.
If you can get past the similarities with \"Seven\" you will surely enjoy this razor sharp, nasty flick. I can’t believe that crap like \"Kiss The Girls\" and \"Bone Collector\" got theatrical releases and this badass got the straight to video sentence (in the USA anyways). Don’t let this one fall through the cracks. It’s a keeper.
Christopher Lambert shares story credits with Brad Mirman here. Brad Mirman wrote another Lambert nail biter: Knight Moves.