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Written by: The Arrow
Director: James Gunn

Nathan Fillion/Bill
Elizabeth Banks/Starla
Michael Rooker/Grant
Gregg Henry/Jack
7 10
An alien meteor crashes to earth and infects good old Grant (Rooker) who goes on to horribly mutate until he infects the whole town with his bad case of "out of space" bug. Crack open that brew, whip out the hookers, its party time!

It's like finding a needle in a f*ckstack! - Jack MacReady

Writer/Director and even Actor James Gunn has come a long way! From TROMA boy, to dude everybody hated cause he wrote the DAWN OF THE DEAD remake, to dude that all worshipped AFTER the remake came out and wound up being tight, and to the SCOOBY - DOO hombre (hey I liked the first one, good chi-cha fun). Now Gunn finally gets to bring out his big guns with his big budget, Universal backed genre puppy SLITHER. Did he hit the mark? You bet!

SLITHER was an obvious love letter to the horror of olds by genre fanboy Gunn. I mean we get the opening of THE BLOB, the infection/mutation/love triangle of Cronenberg’s THE FLY, the slug jamboree of NIGHT OF THE CREEPS, the Zombie like mayhem of say NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD and the totally out there prosthetic creations of a THE THING. Yes the influences were heavily felt throughout, good news is, Gunn was inspired by GREAT genre films! Who’s not in a tizzy? SLITHER wound up being a Porshe ride of gore, thrills and chuckles. Actually the latter was one aspect that I didn’t see coming as I didn't think I'd laugh this much with this one! Plagued with totally off kilter situations and one liners that had me rolling on the floor like a joint being man-handled by Cheech and Chong. This baby was a riot!

The horror friendly cast at hand (ROOKER!!! YOU ROCK!) was top notch as well to say the least. Not only did they look incredibly comfortable/credible within the madness that was this film's events but they also managed to communicate the script's more emotional layers admirably. Yes, SLITHER had most of its exploitation checklist checked but it also had heart and a certain sense of pathos (Brundle Fly anyone?) when it came to its tragic lead character. who knew? Horror wise, it didn’t get much better than this bad boy! The kills were graphic, the slugs icky while the “mutation” angle went all the way with grotesque yet side-splitting results. Wait till you see that enormous beeyatch busting chops in the barn. My worse nightmare come through right there…brrr! Furthermore, Gunn thankfully displayed a firm handle on suspense, with the "slug attack the house" bit being the highlight. I was chewing the 3 seats in front of me with anxiety as that bit rolled down. Good stuff!

With that said, and praised, I did have some slugs to slug with this slug with my main slug being its lack of focus. The narrative would often take abrupt left turns, hence leaving the characters that I cared for in the dust and lessening the whole of the ride. The same can be said about the pacing which felt like it was playing a game of “pad the clock” at times, specially during the last block. Then there was the lack of tension. Although the "slugs invade house" bit was mucho effective; it was pretty much the only suspenseful bit in the flick. I for one craved at least 2 more truly scary moments like that one. Lastly, although the film had some highly original moments, its backbone felt very, VERY familiar, taking away from some of its novelty in the process. Not a big deal but it needed to be said.

All in SLITHER was a gruesome, hilarious and insane chiller that proudly wore its retro feel on its blood soaked sleeve. Could’ve been scarier, could’ve been tighter but it was definitely a hoot to sit through. Slither up this one’s crack and find out what’s up!
Slither didn't muck around when it came to its red RATED R grub! I'm talking stabbings via phallic symbol tentacles, heads blasted in half, beheadings, a dude cut in two (Freaking Nice!) and much more! Better news most of it was done with prosthetics with CG enhancement which gave the flick that oh so gnarly "I love the 80's vibe".
Michael Rooker (Grant) was astounding as the a-hole with somewhat of a heart. Was great to see him in this type of role! Nathan Fillion (Bill) was endearing and side splitting as the dead pan, straight laced hero. Loved him! Gregg Henry (Jack) stole many o scenes with his exquisite delivery of the word “cock sucker” throughout. Nobody says that magic word like he does! The sexy yet classy Elisabeth Banks (Starla) was on the ball as the object of everyone’s desire. Hey, I desired her too!
T & A
We get one hottie in a bra and Elizabeth Banks looking absolutely delicious in every from of dress or undress. I'll be the a-hole that will say it; the film needed a tit shot for the old school vibe to be complete. But that's just me. The ladies get a buffed up Michael Rooker shirtless, he hit the Gym for this part!
Gunn show-offed a sure hand with his directorial debut, never intruding within the story in terms of his visuals which more there to support it. Furthermore, he showed off a knack for comedic timing and a firm handle when it came to generating and sustaining tension via the "slugs invade the house" set piece. Gunn is one to look out for!
The score was engaging, playful and at times dark. I particularly loved the "Predator score wink-wink" that arose during the "load up the guns" scene. Sweet!
SLITHER was fun times in a horror retro bottle, shoveling up laughs, zany gore, outrageous concepts and enough wink-winks to horror of old to stroke the hardcore fear flick fanboy the right way. Granted the pace was off in places, I would’ve liked more tension and the film’s “deja vu” vibe somewhat played against it but when all was said, gored out and puked upon, SLITHER wound up being quite the amusing candy! Slither 2 anyone? Hey, I’m game!
Look out for James Gunn's cameo in the film!

Nathan FIllion and Gregg Henry worked together before in an episode of Firefly.

The flick was shot in Vancouver Canada and cost about 20 Million to make.