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Sucker Punch(2011)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Zach Snyder

Emily Browning/Baby Doll
Abbie Cornish/Sweet Pea
Jena Malone/Rocket
Oscar Isaac/Blue
7 10
A 20 years old girl (Emily Browning) is thrown in a nut house by her “sexual abuse happy” scumbag stepfather. Once in she attempts to get the f*ck out of dodge whilst traveling to a dream world, one that helps her cope, sees her kick all kinds of ass and acts as a blown up parallel to the happenings in the real world. No need to know how deep the Rabbit-Hole goes here! Just throw a nade in it and take cover!
I have yet to see a Zach Snyder flick I didn’t groove to and yes that includes his most recent retina destroying oeuvre SUCKER PUNCH; which is itself somewhat of a staple in the man’s career. Why’s that? Well it is the first movie of his that didn’t get an R Rating and the first that wasn’t a remake or an adaption of already existing work. So this one’s all Snyder baby (it was co written by Steve Shibuya, but ya know what I mean)! How did he fare? Read on!

SUCKER PUNCH took its cue from PAN’S LABYRINTH in its “girl enters a dream world to help her deal with her sad sack reality” angle and added steroids, adrenaline and at least two tablets of acid to the mad mix. The result was the most stimulating audio/visual experience I’ve had in theaters this year thus far. On that front SUCKER PUNCH simply blew my freaking mind! At the end of the neck snap this flick was basically four mammoth, style heavy action sequences, strung together by a through-line of a girl wanting out of an asylum with a dash of mind-bending mind-f*ck spread about for good measures. Yup. there were three realities at play here; a nut house, which in turn became a brothel (much more appealing, good move Snyder); which then carried over to a varied “dream land” that tossed everything my little fanboy heart desires my way. Am talking hot chicks decked up in sexy clothing, well choreographed/shot fight sequences, gravity defying acrobatics and enough artillery to make the land mine in my pants explode.

And that wasn't all! How's giant Samurai warriors with huge ass swords (one even wields a f*cking rail-gun), threatening cyber-punk Nazi soldiers, malevolent robots and relentless monsters, a fire spitting dragon sound to ya? Exactly! I got my fill and then some! And all were conveyed by way of detail heavy and simply mesmerizing CGI! Look I've never been a pro CG dude, but SUCKER PUNCH was an exception to my rule as it looked astounding and meshed perfectly with the type of movie this was. The eye popping back drops kept to the same zany jive as well. They went from a snowy landscape, a medieval castle, to a World War 1 battlefield (dug them Zeppelins and planes) to on top of a futuristic looking train. The better news was that the razor cinematography, incredible production designs and Snyder’s insane shooting shooting style gave the whole quite the brain crushing (sucker) punch! A note on the kinetic Tomfoolery if I  may: WOW! If you look up “money shots” in the dictionary, a picture of Snyder‘s face should be there next to the definition with a big grin while raising a thumbs up! The man beyond excels at them and he has topped himself in that department here! With his ingenious angles, potent use of slow motion, cool little touches (like a snow flake falling under the girl's eye and turning into a tear...NICE!) and yes his token ramping (fast motion, to slow motion, to fast again); the lad took me a on visceral visual trip that has stayed with me since!

And I got the same loving on an audio standpoint as Snyder tagged his yowzer imagery to a slew of engaging rock songs with the update of Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) by no other than lead chica Emily Browning and the redo of White Rabbit by Emiliana Torrini affecting me the most (you bet I already own the soundtrack). Man I love it when a movie uses imagery and sound first to tell a story! The overall result was a high octane concoction of music video, anime, steam punk and video game aesthetics that has to be seen to be believed. I know, I know, all I’m raving about is the style, well I’m a style whore and when its executed at this level of excellence, I get a cinematic boner. Just how I roll. Acting wise, Snyder should get his casting agent some "love you long time" lap dances for a job well done! Not only did the whole female cast ooze of sheer sexiness (them skimpy outfits sure helped) but they also sold me as gun taunting, ass kickers and aced their performances, elevating the little they had to play with on paper to an echelon that made way for gals I cared about.  Jena Malone, Abbie Cornish and Carla Gugino were definitely my favorites of the side characters! Kudos ladies!

The male cast didn't slum it either; Scott Glen (doing his best David Carradine impression) and Oscar Isaac (who so nailed his villainous role) were memorable to say the least. With that, this was Emily Browning’s show through and through. Word has it that Amanda Seyfried was initially the first choice for the role and I am so glad that didn’t go down. Browning was entrancing as the main protagonist. Her soulful and expressive eyes spoke volumes and Snyder shot the shit out of her gorgeous and perfectly proportioned angelic features. I dare you not to fall in love with Browning in this film, I double dare ya! As for the story;  I’ll be honest, either this flick was too smart for its own good , or I was too dumb to be able to grasp its inner workings 100%. My bro and I talked about the picture at length afterward (that ending gave us lots to yap about) over some beers and I think we have it figured out now and I wouldn't mind seeing the movie again with this new knowledge in my back-pack. Thou shall be done!

But that didn't change the fact that on this first watch, it felt like chunks were missing from the narrative, hence influencing the flow of its progression.  Upon further research; I found out that musical numbers were shot for the movie. All five of its key female characters had their own sing/dance bits and there was also a big group number shot for the finale. All of those were snipped out of this final cut; so that might have something to do with the somewhat “incomplete vibe” of it all. Another peeve I had was the voice-overs which doubled down on the deep and existential drivel...alas...I didn't grasp half of what that was all about. Lastly the happenings started getting a bit redundant by the time the last action sequence kicked in (we get it, she dances, we go in dream world, rinse and repeat, give me more). No biggie, but it needed to be spat, spat it was.

As the end credits rolled though; I was a happy camper! I had a blast with SUCKER PUNCH and once I got home, the experience still lingered in my noggin. This was definitely a love it or hate it affair; a cinematic experience that will polarize people and then some. If I go by my gut, it maybe won’t make that much dough (damn I hope I am wrong), but in time it will become a Cult Classic. Thank you Mr. Snyder for the imagination laced audio/visual treat that was Sucker Punch! You're the f*cking man! Bring on SUPERMAN MAN OF STEEL!

Some light blood, bullet damage, ugly monsters and a creature getting its throat slit (dry).
T & A
There were enough skimpy and tight outfits here to please the dudes in the house and make the Lezzies rain. The ladies get Scott Glen... in a hat.
SUCKER PUNCH so hit the spot! The flick erupted with creativity, its audio/visual prowess's ruined me (in a good way), the fine cast kept me hooked on a human level (with Browning hypnotizing me every time she was on screen), the CGI/production designs were stand out, and the superior action sequences whooped me stupid! Granted, a smoother narrative would have been swell, the voice over didn't do it for me and I kept feeling like pieces were missing from the film (and now I know there were); but straight up; the wild and sexy ride Snyder took me on, so made up for that. If like me you dig on over the top action scenes that feature hot dames in tight and tiny get-ups whooping all kinds of otherworldly ass with guns, their fists and swords... you'll be ALL GOOD! One thing is for sure, I am hoping for a packed disk when this one comes out on DVD/Blu-Ray, with hopefully a director’s cut and a f*ck load of extras. At this point, I am fascinated with SUCKER PUNCH. I want more! ENGAGE!
I'd KILL to actually see Baby Doll's dance :)

The bit in the trailer that sees Baby Doll blow a string of her hair out of her face, was not in the film. Too bad, dug that moment.

The flick had a budget of $85 million clams.

A love scene between Emily Browning and John Hamm was cut out to duck the R rating.

During pre-production of the movie dance choreographer Paul Becker and Marius De Vries (the music director of Moulin Rouge) were hired. Becker had this to say to the press about the (now omitted) musical numbers: “Each female lead in the film has a persona and objective. We meshed the objective and persona of each character to the tone and concept of each dance. Because the film takes place in a brothel it calls for these huge production numbers.”