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Written by: The Arrow
Director: David Cronenberg

James Woods/Max
Debbie Harry/Nicki
8 10
Unscrupulous TV programmer Max (Woods) loves kinky sex and violence, especially on his TV channel. It sells. He’s looking for the next big thing, something hard, cruel, something no other station has. He comes across a show called \"Videodrome\", a snuff show where people are raped and killed live. Once exposed to the show, he begins to have bloody, sexy hallucinations and the fine line between reality and fantasy is severed. What the hell is going on???
This movie reinforces my theory that Mr. Cronenberg must drop acid now and then. This movie is an intense trip, filled with \"tour the force\" visual effects, cringing sex (the ear scene) and some old fashion killings. It also has a strong message about television, the place it holds in our lives, our fascination with violence and our obsession with sex. Cronenberg is an original (like Lynch or Barker) the way he interprets our reality, a mix of mechanical and flesh is always fascinating. This is pre commercial Cronenberg (before The Fly and Dead Zone) and one engrossing piece of cinema. Pass the fleshy remote…
Loads of it: Pulsing flesh like video tapes, an external combustion (messy) but my favorite has to be the vagina like opening Woods has on his belly (people insert video tapes in it) and who can forget the gun scene. (it becomes his hand) This movie is filled with gooey fun. Hope you have a strong stomach.
James Woods (Max) gives another strong performance and is more contained than in his recent efforts, he keeps the \"junk yard dog\" shtick to a minimal. Debbie Harry (lead singer of that hip 70’s band BLONDIE) is one sexy girl, with smoldering eyes and plum lips…she doesn’t need to act.
T & A
Debbie Harry’s breasts make an appearance. I know her body is a bit chunky but god she’s sexy.
Cronenberg keeps it going at a decent pace, the lighting is exquisite and for a movie filled with so many hallucinatory images it feels very grounded.
I was too busy trying to figure out what was going on to notice. Sorry guys.
A twisted, hypnotic, sickening, trippy ride, you will be gazing at the screen wondering : \"How the hell does Cronenberg come up with this stuff\"? If he was dropped on his head as a child I want to thank whoever did it…cause because of that unfortunate event we are now blessed with an original, daring and unconventional filmmaker. Videodrome is definitely a must see for all serious genre film fans. Trust me, you’ve never seen anything like it.
Am I the only one that loved the \"Blondie\" comeback??? Yes, David Cronenberg is Canadian and the film was shot in Toronto.