Movies To Watch After Infinity Pool

The new film from Brandon Cronenberg Infinity Pool is now available on VOD. What else should you watch after you finish it? Find out here.

Infinity Pool has hit VOD, and audiences are discovering this weird little movie about societal standards and how we maneuver through them daily. Brandon Cronenberg has given us a great look at how people with larger bank accounts can skirt the niceties and live however they are feeling at the moment. With some nice sci-fi thrown in, this little story paints a larger picture of how people who grew up with nothing can quickly become addicted to a lavish lifestyle. Once you’ve finished it, what else should you watch? Here are some suggestions.

W​arning!!! There Will Be Spoilers For Infinity Pool!!!!!

Movies to watch after Infinity Pool

T​imecrimes (2007)

T​his Spanish sci-fi film is a lot of fun. Hector is looking out his back window when he sees a girl in the woods. He runs out to help her but is attacked by a man in a trench coat with his face wrapped up. Through a series of circumstances, he finds that a nearby building houses a time machine. He goes back an hour in time to try and catch the man that attacked him. Everything gets complicated when he finds that there are multiple versions of Hector running around. T​he film has more comedic elements to it but is also a fun mystery that unfolds through fun plot points and time travel shenanigans.

Movies to watch after Infinity Pool

W​ith A Friend Like Harry (2000)

I​n this French film, Michel is taking his family to a cottage for summer break. At a gas station, he runs into Harry, an old friend from high school. The group all go to the cottage to catch up, where Harry asks Michel about some of the stories he used to write when they were in school together. He is sad to learn that Michel gave up writing and convinces him to start up again. At first, it seems harmless, but after a while, it becomes clear that Harry will go to any length to get what he wants.

Movies to watch after Infinity Pool

T​he Menu (2022)

A select number of people are invited to eat at a super high-end restaurant. It’s so exclusive that most people have never heard of it. One guest shows up unannounced but witnesses a class of people who will do just about anything to eat at this unique eatery. It showcases that if you have enough money, there is a whole other world that you are invited to and allowed to participate in. It’s a more recent film but would fit nicely as a double bill with Infinity Pool.

Movies to watch after Infinity Pool

H​ostel (2005)

A​merican tourists head overseas to backpack across Europe. They follow a young woman to a hostel which she says has many beautiful women looking for Americans to hook up with. Soon they realize that the situation is not what it appears, and the two backpackers end up caught in a sinister attraction where people pay to torture victims—especially Americans. If you have enough money, there is no limit on the perversions you can enjoy.

Movies to watch after Infinity Pool

S​ociety (1989)

A young man feels disconnected from his family. They seem to want to only interact with upper-class society, while he thinks that he wants to be more grounded. As the rift deepens, he learns that his family is part of a weird orgy cult in which only the elite can participate. He quickly finds out that the affluent society is more than he expected when twisted figures begin appearing.

Movies to watch after Infinity Pool

T​uristas (2006)

A group of young tourists travels through the wilds of Brazil. Their bus breaks down, and they walk into the nearby village. While at first, everything seems fine, they soon discover that there are the targets of locals to steal their belongings and even be kidnapped to be sold. They have to fight out of the situation and find their way to someone who can help them in this foreign landscape.

Movies to watch after Infinity Pool

G​et Out (2017)

A young man goes to meet his girlfriend’s parents. She warns him that they are wealthy and might come off as annoying. When he gets there, everything goes just about how she says. Soon he begins to meet some of the family’s friends and neighbors. A random guest has a momentary lapse and tells him to get out while he can. We soon learn that if you pay enough, you can essentially live forever in new, young bodies.

Movies to watch after Infinity Pool

E​yes Wide Shut (1999)

T​om Cruise stars in Kubrick’s last film about a man that stumbles into a powerful group of people who host wild sex parties. When he is able to sneak into one, he quickly finds out that doing so has put himself in great danger. This group will go to almost any length to keep their activities secret and identities undiscovered. A suspenseful cat-and-mouse game follows as he tries to uncover who is after him.

Movies to watch after Infinity Pool

U​nder The Silver Lake (2018)

A down-on-his-luck loser meets a girl that has just moved into his apartment complex. They spend the night hanging out, and she tells him to come back the next day. When he arrives, he finds her apartment completely empty, and the girl has vanished. He sets out to find out what happened to her and gets pulled into a weird world that he didn’t even know existed. As he searches for her, he learns that some don’t want him looking into her whereabouts.

Movies to watch after Infinity Pool

V​ideodrome (1983)

T​he programmer for a TV station specializing in adult content accidentally finds an unknown satellite signal that shows a woman being tortured. Assuming it’s a fictional show, he begins investigating the signal’s origin and who is behind it. He quickly gets pulled into a world of sex, violence, and rebellion as he looks for more. His obsession leads him to become part of the programming as those around him begin to fall victim to Videodrome. When it comes to the Cronenbergs, like father, like son.

W​hat are some movies you want to watch after seeing Infinity Pool? Let us know in the comments.

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