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Written by: The Arrow
Director: Duncan Jones

Travis Fimmel/Anduin
Paula Patton/Garona
Ben Foster/Medihv
Clancy Brown/Blackhand
6 10
An army of Orcs leave their dying world and travel through a portal to to conquer the human populated land of Azeroth. Human warrior Anduin (Travis Fimmell) and his allies won't have any of that shite!

Before I dive into the nitty-gritty of my thoughts about WARCRAFT, let me tell you where I am coming from. For starters, I have never played the famous video game this film was based on. Other than knowing it’s an RPG jamboree, I was in the dark about its inner workings (characters, plot etc.) Ask me all you want about the AGE OF CONAN RPG game... that one I know about - this one, no dice! I am a fan of writer/director DUNCAN JONES though with his two previous films MOON and SOURCE CODE greasing me right. On that, both sported moderate budgets; this is actually Jones first rodeo on the multi-million, Studio monkeys clawing at your back, bull ride. So how did the man fare? Draw your weapons! Follow me!

Maybe it’s because I barged in with lower than low expectations, prepped for the worse by the awful early reviews that surfaced – but I dug it! Sure I had some beefs (more on those below) but as the end credits rolled I was game for more and that’s always a good thing! At the core of it all WARCRAFT was a fairly simple tale, even though it went about its 1-2-3 narrative in a randomly “too long-winded for its own good" fashion. Good humans to the right, beast good guys to the left, one TRUE villain in the middle pulling them strings. BOOM! Done. Will the two good camps unite to conquer EVILLLL?  All is answered in a hail of verbal vomiting, eye popping special effects and cool ass battles. I got a very AVATAR/RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES feel from this one in terms of the world it slapped us in. The CGI was stellar, the varied settings jaw dropping and the mop-cap characters oh so convincing in the way they moved and emoted (the Orcs were often more human than the humans). The visual feast that was offered and the keen attention to details were fairly astounding (especially in 3D). In short on an aesthetic level; the film looked fantastic! And to be frank (or Tony...oh!) when the plot would lose its grasp on me with its yapping heavy tendencies, it was the imagery that kept me hooked in.

Character wise; the cast did what they had to do with their fairly one-note characterization. I know lots of "experts" out there are peeved that the peeps were not “deeper” but to me they served their purpose. This is WARCRAFT at the end the kill not REGARDING HENRY. On the human side of things; Travis Fimmel, Dominic Cooper, Ben Schnetzer and Ben Foster all came through. Fimmel in particular made for an intense lead while Schnetzer stole many of the scenes he was in. And although Foster was bang on as the Wizard, his casting was somewhat of a dead giveaway as to what was going to transpire – but hey dude still owned it and was a blast to watch! On the beastly side of the coin; Daniel Wu gleefully evil as Gul'dan (really scary character – loved him),Toby Kebbell was mucho affable as the noble Orc Durotang, Clancy Brown gunned out the badass as Blackhand, while Paula Patton was sublime as the half human/half Orc Garona. She was the heart of the film for me and I couldn't get enough of her. Add to all jazz one heck of a rousing score by Ramin Djawadi, a handful of exciting (and at times surprisingly brutal) battle sequences and Jones often showing off his sharp sense of style by way of groovy framing and kinetic shots and you get a good time at the movies!

Alas; the first 40 minutes so of the picture were a tad flat. By result, it took me a while to fully get into this one's tale. The story progression was a bit clunky as well and I can’t say that I grasped “the ins and outs” of who was who and what was what 100%. Was that due to the script (written by Jones and Charles Leavitt) needing more work? Was it the edit being too tight (Jones director’s cut of the film is 40 minutes longer)? Or was it just me being an imbecile once again? Who knows! I keep feeling that I will digest this one's meat (insert sex joke here) a bit more on a second watch. Time will tell. Moreover, I would have shaved off some of the constant yapping found in the first act and added some action scenes during the middle section instead but that’s just me and my simpleton sensibilities talking.

On the whole, WARCRAFT was far from a total disaster for this a-hole. Yes it stumbled many o times, but I respected its ambitious streak and the marvels it did accomplish. WARRRRR!

We're treated to some stabbings and head bashings. Not overtly violent but the film did surprise me a couple of times with its brutality.
T & A
None but Paula Patton is gorgeous, fangs or no fangs.
I didn't use to be a fan of fantasy, but my love for all things Conan the Barbarian and Game of Thrones has finally turned me into one! In light of this new affinity; WARCRAFT did fine by me! Visually stunning, likeable heroes (humans and Orcs), scary villain, brilliant VFX, a pulse pounding score and enough thrilling battles to satisfy! Yes it tested my patience for the first 40 minutes or so with too much talking and exposition. Hence it took me a while to get into it and I can't I say I fully digested the info that was sent my way (do keep in mind I’m a moron). But at the end of it all, I had fun with the movie and I didn’t think it was the utter disaster that so many have proclaimed it to be. TO EACH HIS OWN! Bring on the sequel, I’m IN!
The shoot lasted 123 days and the post production on the film lasted 20 months.

Colin Farrell was up for the role of King Llane. Dominic Cooper got the role.

Sam Raimi was once set to direct