Human Centipede creator Tom Six plans to organize The Onania Club

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

With THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 3 (FINAL SEQUENCE) having been released in theatres and on VOD last weekend, series writer/director Tom Six has been making the press rounds. When asked by TheWrap what's next for him, he at first gave the usual, vague "I'm working on a couple of scripts" answer, but followed that up by talking about one potential project in particular:

One we're going to make is called "The Onania Club." I can't say the plot yet because it's so simple, but so out there. It's so original, I'm sure that "South Park" is going to make another parody of it. It's really crazy — a very pitch-black dark comedy with horrific elements. It will upset a lot of people again.

This isn't the first time that Six has referenced THE ONANIA CLUB, in fact he once promised that the film would be 

the most politically incorrect inhumane horror flick ever unleashed on mankind! #worsethanmycentipedes

Now that his CENTIPEDE trilogy has been completed, the time may be right for him to focus on this new assault on the senses. Once THE ONANIA CLUB gets rolling, its production will be the subject of the documentary TOM SIX AND THE INSANITY OF MAKING ANOTHER MOVIE.

The word onania is synonymous with masturbation, and although it may be hard to top the LIBIDO segment of THE ABCs OF DEATH when it comes to gross-out masturbation horror, I'm sure Six has it in him to make THE ONANIA CLUB a contender for the throne.

I expect to be appalled and yet unable to look away.

HUMAN CENTIPEDE's Ashley C. Williams

Source: TheWrap, Twitter

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