Huntington, Micucci, Harmon, Waititi and more splash into the Corpse Tub

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

What We Do in the Shadows Taika Waititi

Director Vivieno Caldinelli's CORPSE TUB is a dark comedy with a basic idea (and title) so weird and twisted that I feel it warrants a mention here on Arrow in the Head. Scripted by Justin Jones and Christopher and Clayton Hewitson, the film tells the story of 

a young Midwestern couple who take a chance on moving to L.A. when they find an apartment with impossibly low rent. It’s soon revealed that the former occupant was an enigmatic cult leader who ended his life in the claw-foot bathtub. Now, a steady stream of his eccentric cult members break into the apartment to kill themselves in the tub in honor of their leader. Unable to afford another move, they soon find themselves inexplicably drawn into the cult, all the while navigating the inquiries of a beleaguered LAPD detective obsessed with selling a screenplay based on his own life.

What really draws me to this project about cultists killing themselves in a tub is the cast – the Midwestern couple is played by Sam Huntington of DETROIT ROCK CITY and Kate Micucci, one half of the awesome comedy duo Garfunkel and Oates. Taika Waititi of  WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS (pictured above) is the cult leader who kicks off the stream of suicides, and Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon is the detective on the case.

CORPSE TUB continues to impress with its supporting cast: Maria Bamford, Mark McKinney, Rhea Seehorn, Brian Posehn, Dana Gould, Josh Brener, J Lee, Brian Girard, Lilan Bowden, Jon Dore, Mindy Sterling, Michael St. Michaels, Craig Cackowski, Britney Young, Ryan Simpkins, and Ron Lynch.

There's a lot of talent packed into this strange-sounding flick.

A co-production of Company X and MarVista Entertainment, the movie was produced by Elijah Wood, Daniel Noah, Josh C. Waller, Lisa Whalen, Michael Moran, and Pat McErlean, with Hannah Pillemer, Fernando Szew, and Stacy Jorgensen executive producing.

There's no word on when CORPSE TUB might be released, but I will definitely be keeping an eye out for that information.

Source: Deadline

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