Ilana Glazer to write and star in A24’s False Positive

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Ilona Glazer Time Traveling Bong

Known for her work in comedy, Ilana Glazer co-created and stars in the Comedy Central series Broad City and has appeared in films like THE NIGHT BEFORE and ROUGH NIGHT. Now it looks like she's going to give horror a try.

Production Weekly has revealed that Glazer is set to write and star in an A24 project called FALSE POSITIVE. The only information available on the story is that it's

described as a contemporary take on Rosemary's Baby.

Sounds like Glazer might be giving birth to the Anti-Christ then.

A production and distribution company, A24 has become quite popular with genre fans over the last couple years. Their releases include TUSK, THE WITCH, GREEN ROOM, IT COMES AT NIGHT, and HEREDITARY.

I've never watched Broad City, so all I know of Glazer comes from her performances in THE NIGHT BEFORE and ROUGH NIGHT. Still, I'm interested in FALSE POSITIVE because I always like to see people who are known for work in one genre move over to another. Especially when the other genre they want to dabble in is horror.

The picture of Glazer above comes from a TV mini-series called Time Traveling Bong.

Source: Production Weekly

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