Image Entertainment to summon a demon with I Am Zozo

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

It looks like Image Entertainment is looking to summon a demon as they have acquired U.S. rights to the Ouija board thriller I AM ZOZO from director Scott Di Lalla. The flick stars Kelly McLaren, Courtney Foxworthy, Demetrius Sager, Caleb DeBattista, and Caleb Courtney. Produced by Zack Coffman and executive produced by Martin Perlberger, I AM ZOZO was filmed entirely on Super 8mm and recently received Best Feature and Audience Choice Awards at the 2012 US Super 8 Film Festival.

I AM ZOZO centers on five young friends who play with a Ouija board that inadvertently summons the malevolent Ouija demon “ZoZo.” The film’s horrific account of possession is based on widely reported real experiences with this ancient and evil spirit that attaches itself to people exclusively through Ouija boards.

This was a game I never really messed with. Not because I was scared that I'd awaken an evil spirit hell bent on swallowing my soul but simply because there was always that one ass bag who would move the damn thing all around the board. You really can't trust anyone when your messing with an Ouija board!

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