Is Evil Dead 4 really gearing up to enter production?

Say it ain’t so…

Our fiendish friends over at Dread Central have uncovered a pretty massive scoop. And by massive I of course refer to anything involving a 4th EVIL DEAD film. So while this isn’t exactly the hardest piece of substantiation, it does seem a 2-decade long franchise sequel is gearing up for production.

How do we know?

A source close to the Raimi camp claims longtime editor Bob Murawski (ARMY OF DARKNESS, DRAG ME TO HELL) has packed his bags and headed for Detroit to begin working on EVIL DEAD 4, an outing that will be “a small indie thing like the first two.”

Time will tell if EVIL DEAD 4 is an out-and-out sequel or some kind of remake/reboot. My guess is if Raimi and Bruce Campbell are onboard…it’ll be a continuation of the travails of Ash…not a sad retread of where the character has already gone.

Let the postulating begin…

DRAG ME TO HELL hottie Alison Lohman

Source: Dread Central

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