Is Jeepers Creepers 3 set between parts 1 and 2?

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Another day, another slew of new info on JEEPERS CREEPERS 3. Who can we trust? I'm not sure at the moment, so let me just relay the current news as I have heard it. These updates, by the way, come to us from Brad over at B-D.

Okay, so yesterday we shared the news that Gina Philips will not be the star of JEEPERS CREEPERS 3. That said, she is said to have a "small cameo." Okay, moving on. MONSTER SQUAD actor Stan Shaw took to Twitter to let the world know that the new film is NOT the long-rumored CATHEDRAL storyline.


Next, we have a tweet from JEEPERS CREEPERS 2 star Marieh Delfino (see below) in response to a fan. In her tweet, she says her characters is not appearing in the third film because "It's a prequel to JC2 so it doesn't make sense for my character to be in the timeline wise."

Here's the tweet:

Okay, let's stop here. If Marieh Delfino is not in JC3, then how would she know it was a prequel? Maybe she read the script. dude. Maybe. But if it is a prequel, and her character is not involved, why would someone send her a copy of the script? Because it's Hollywood and people pass around scripts like hot-cakes! Maybe. We'll go with that for now.

So, if Marieh Delfino is on top of her sh*t, then, okay, we can confirm that JEEPERS CREEPERS 3 is, in fact, a prequel to part 2. Also, a "Bloody Disgusting reader" shared with them a conversation he had "directly with Dalton Smith, who plays the Creeper’s double." In that conversation, Dalton stressed that the new flick IS a prequel and that it takes "place between the first two films."

Urgh. Whatever. I'm done. Until we see a trailer I'm just going to let all of this JEEPERS CREEPERS rumor, "he said, she said" junk rest for a while.

JEEPERS CREEPERS 3 is written and directed by Victor Salva and stars Gina Philips (in a small cameo), Meg Foster, Brandon Stacy, and Stan Shaw. Jonathan Breck returns as the Creeper.

Source: B-D

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