James Le Gros and Andi Matichak star in Jack Fessenden’s Foxhole

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Foxhole Jack Fessenden

Jack Fessenden, son of genre regular Larry Fessenden, was still in high school when he made his feature directorial debut with the 2016 crime thriller STRAY BULLETS. A few years down the line, he has now gotten back behind the camera for a project called FOXHOLE, which recently wrapped a sixteen day filming schedule.

A Glass Eye Pix and Nous Entertainment production, FOXHOLE is said to be 

a multi-generational anthology about the horrors of war in various foxholes that possibly include that of the Civil War, World War I/II, and Vietnam.

The two images Glass Eye Pix has shared online appear to back that up.

FOXHOLE stars Motell Gyn Foster as Jackson, Cody Kostro as Clark, Angus O'Brien as Conrad, Alex Hurt as Morton, Alex Breaux as the German, Asa Spurlock as the Confederate, James Le Gros of PHANTASM II and the PSYCHO remake as Wilson, and HALLOWEEN 2018's Andi Matichak as Gale.

In addition to directing the film, Jack Fessenden also wrote the screenplay, and will be editing the picture and composing the score.

Larry Fessenden is producer on FOXHOLE alongside Adam Scherr, Chris Ingvordsen, and James Felix McKenney.

Foxhole Jack Fessenden

Source: Glass Eye Pix, Bloody-Disgusting

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