Keir Gilchrist and Scout Taylor-Compton star in thriller An Intrusion

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Writer/director Nicholas Holland's home invasion thriller AN INTRUSION wrapped principal production in Michigan last December, and earlier this month the director and crew went back to work for some additional photography with COVID safety protocols in place. 

Describing his film as "something between THE STRANGERS and FATAL ATTRACTION", Holland told the local newspaper that it's about 

the collapse of the structural integrity of a family following a father's recent infidelity, an affair that he's trying to keep secret. As he tries to hide it from his wife after breaking it off, his family begins to experience a series of home invasions; his daughter has a stalker that follows her to school, playing psychological bouts of torture with her."

AN INTRUSION stars Keir Gilchrist of IT FOLLOWS and the Netflix series Atypical, Scout Taylor-Compton of the HALLOWEEN remake and the recently released STAR LIGHT, and Billy Boyd, the LORD OF THE RINGS actor who provided the voice of Glen/Glenda in SEED OF CHUCKY. Also in the cast are Angelina Danielle Cama, Dustin Prince, Erika Hoveland, Jaime Zevallos, and Sam Logan Khaleghi.

Holland is producing the film for Diamond Dead Media, with Logan Khaleghi producing under his SLK Media Group banner. 

The combination of cast and story is intriguing to me, so I look forward to seeing how AN INTRUSION will turn out.

An Intrusion

Source: Deadline, Lake Orion Review

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