Killer snowman Jack Frost could return as Jackzilla

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

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Did you ever imagine that director Michael Cooney's goofball 1997 killer snowman movie JACK FROST might make it to Blu-ray? Well, you don't have to imagine that possibility, because it has happened – courtesy of Vinegar Syndrome, JACK FROST is now on Blu, with a release that features interviews and commentary. One can only hope that the 2000 sequel, JACK FROST 2: REVENGE OF THE MUTANT KILLER SNOWMAN, will be getting the same treatment down the line, but in the meantime the JACK FROST Blu can be ordered on Amazon.

In celebration of the Blu-ray release, horror journalist Justin Beahm dug into his archives and posted an interview that he conducted with Cooney a while back – an interview that was intended for the pages of Fangoria but never made it to print.

Beahm and Cooney had a very interesting conversation about the conception and production of JACK FROST, including the fact that the movie was originally envisioned as being much darker and nastier than it ended up. Cooney decided to take more comedic approach after he saw the silly looking snowman he would have to work with.

JACK FROST 2: REVENGE OF THE MUTANT KILLER SNOWMAN is also briefly discussed, and Cooney expresses some disappointment with the sequel, especially the fact that the digital effects didn't turn out to his liking. That leads into a question about the chances of Jack Frost ever returning…

BEAHM: Is there a script for Jack Frost 3? Would you be interested in revisiting the story?

COONEY: I started writing it. There is about 20 pages somewhere. It was going to be a giant Jack Frost. At the end of part 2 there is this screaming ‘Jackzilla! Jackzilla!’ and this giant carrot drops on the boat. The second one started off ten years later and the kid is all grown up. It was going to be set in the city, and Jackzilla, this giant snowman, attacks a skyscraper, enveloping it and killing people by coming in through the vents and all of that. Digital effects have come down in price by now and I think we could do it. If someone wants to make it I would adore the opportunity. It holds such a special place in my heart.

I really hope there is someone out there who would like to fund a JACK FROST 3 / JACKZILLA, because this sounds like an idea that absolutely must be brought to the screen. A giant snowman enveloping a skyscraper? If I had stacks of cash, I'd be investing in this sequel idea right now.

For the full interview with Cooney, head over to

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JACK FROST co-star Shannon Elizabeth

Source: Justin Beahm

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