Laid to Rest 3 to be one of the goriest movies ever; shoots this December

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

I'm just going to come right out and say that I have not seen any of the LAID TO REST flicks. Nothing against them, they just haven't reached the top of my ever-expanding list of must-see horror movies.

Regardless of what I think – or don't think – of the series, it looks like the adventures of ChromeSkull have been popular enough with the masses that a third entry in the series is now in production and set to begin filming this December called LAID TO REST: EXHUMED.

The new movie will once again be written and directed by Robert Green Hall and while specifics about the flick are being tightly under wraps, DC managed to get the scoop on the film via Hall himself.

Writer-director Robert Green Hall on LAID TO REST: EXHUMED:

It’s not a straight sequel to ChromeSkull, nor is it an origin story, but it will satisfy people who want to know more about Chromey’s mysterious motivations. This one is for those who are looking for a non-stop chase movie that never lets up with even more jaw-dropping unmatched death scenes. In fact, I’ll go on record saying that this will be the biggest and best of the franchise and will probably be THE GORIEST FILM OF ALL TIME. I was determined not to do this one until we had the proper budget to do it right.

Turns out the new movie will also be shooting in 4K with crowd-funding playing a part in adding more gore to the already financed film.

We will be in good hands and are shooting in 4K for upcoming streaming platforms hungry for 4K and beyond content. We will be shooting independent with private equity and the crowd sourcing and as always will be open for distribution talks when we begin shooting.

While there isn't currently word on who will be joining in on the slaughter this time around, Hall did confirm that CromeSkull will once again be played by Nick Principe.

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LAID TO REST: EXHUMED starts shooting in Alabama this December.

Source: DC

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