The Arrow’s Christmas wish list! Come on Santa! Deliver!

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

Christmas is around the corner and I am sure lots of you already pumped out your gift wish list to family and friends. Well now it’s my turn! Here’s what I want for Christmas! And be sure to share with us what YOU want for X-Mas via the comments below! Who knows, maybe Santa and his broad are listening. NOTE: Although the dame on the pic above is not on my list, consider her on it anyway. END OF NOTE.

2) Chronicles of Conan Volume 4 and 6

I am a big CONAN comic book fan. I already have all of the SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN issues and all I need to complete my CHRONICLES OF CONAN collection is volume 4 and 6. Crom!

4) Biosteel

My top sports drink when playing hockey or boxing. As long as I’m physically active, I will be on Biosteel and I just ran out. So…

3) Bond on Bond

Having enjoyed ROGER MOORE’S book MY WORD IS MY BOND, I really want to dive into his follow up book BOND ON BOND. Dude is a charismatic writer and is mucho engaging to read. Am also on a Bond kick these days, I need something to feed the fire.

1) Good Guy Doll

I’ve always wanted a GOOD GUY DOLL (it has to come with its yellow GOOD GUY doll box though). Never found one. Come on Santa, hook a horror fiend up!

7) The Expendables 2 Blu-Ray

I loved The Expendables 2 and I still don’t own it. I know, shame on me. Must rectify!

9) Far Cry 3 video game

Word on the street is that this game f-ing owns! Am always down for a good FPS video game, so lets make it happen!

10) Jason Voorhees shot glasses

I have this vision of knocking back shots of Jameson staring at that hockey mask staring back at me. Yup I wanna get smashed with the man behind the mask!

5) The Possession soundtrack

Anton Sanko score for The Possession was creepy and atmospheric goodness. Another favorite of mine this year. NEED!

6) The Sinister soundtrack

Christopher Young’s score for Sinister was one of my favorites this year! Ideal to write scripts to. Want!

8) NHL 13

The NHL lock-out pissed on my parade this year. Life is not the same without hockey. So I need this game to tie me over till the greed Fest subsides.

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