Man-eating creatures look for Red Ice

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

An intriguing little horror flick by the name of RED ICE has just been acquired by Envision Media Arts, reports The Wrap. A snow covered landscape always makes for the perfect atmosphere for a horror flick, especially when it's littered with monsters looking to prey on us weak humans! RED ICE was penned by Keith Ray Putnam and it marks the first script of his to be picked up by a studio-based production company.

While any solid details on this one are pretty slim, what we do know is that the film follows a trucker hauling emergency supplies across the frozen waterways of arctic Canada who must survive an onslaught of mysterious, man-eating creatures. As if that job wasn't hard enough on its own! Monsters always pick the worst places to come creeping out of the darkness don't they?

“The ice roads have always been an intriguing, dangerous setting,” said EMA president David Buelow. “Keith’s script puts a very visceral, smart spin on the genre.” We'll certainly be keeping a close eye on this one as more develops so be on the lookout!

Source: The Wrap

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