Messed Up Puzzles teams with Grindhouse Releasing for horror jigsaw puzzles

Last Updated on July 21, 2021

Messed Up Puzzles The Beyond Cannibal Holocaust PiecesJigsaw puzzle makers Messed Up Puzzles has teamed up with Grindhouse Releasing, a distributor of horror and exploitation classics, for a series of puzzles that will allow fans to assemble images related to some infamous cult favorites. The first three puzzles in this officially licensed line each consist of 1000 pieces, and a couple of them are NSFW so the images above have been slightly censored.

Number 1 in the collection is a CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST puzzle sporting artwork created by Rick Melton for Grindhouse's Blu-ray special edition of the controversial Ruggero Deodato film.

Puzzle number 2 is the most genius one of the bunch as far as I'm concerned. This one allows you to assemble the same jigsaw puzzle that a young kid gets his hands on at the beginning of Juan Piquer Simon's slasher PIECES – a puzzle of a naked woman. When the child's mother catches him putting together the puzzle, he murders her with an axe, kicking off the killing spree the film centers on. The puzzle in the movie gets splattered with blood, but the addition of blood isn't necessary for the Messed Up Puzzles version – it comes with the blood already on the image.

Puzzle number 3 is the artwork Jerry Martinez created for Grindhouse's 1998 theatrical re-release of Lucio Fulci's 1981 film THE BEYOND.

Each of these puzzles can be purchased for the price of $29 through


Source: Messed Up Puzzles

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