A look at Fury and CapAm filming possible Avengers scene in NYC

Joss Whedon's AVENGERS starts filming today, but it's not the only Marvel project going on. CAPTAIN AMERICA might be wrapped, but Joe Johnston returned to New York to shoot what would appear to be an Easter Egg sequence starring some recognizable faces.

That would of course be Chris Evans' Captain America and Sam Jackson's Nick Fury, shooting a scene on the streets that we don't have a whole lot of details for, but presumably it's a lead-in to THE AVENGERS. Someone more versed in lore can feel free to fill me on the symbol on Evans' shirt.

Since we can't hear what they're saying, I'll fill in the dialog.

FURY: "The Nazis are dead, but there are still some bad guys out there."

ROGERS: "It's 2011? Everyone I know is dead?"

FURY: "Deal with it. I need you to team up with a god a robot and a mutant to kill some shit."

ROGERS: "Why are there not flying cars yet?"

Check out the pics below:

Extra Tidbit: For a second I thought this was pre-Fury eyepatch, but then I realized it was probably just a set break.
Source: Eyeprime



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