Abracadabra!! Jon M. Chu materializes again to direct Now You See Me 3

now you see me 2, dave franco, lizzy caplan, woody harrelson, jesse eisenberg

Lionsgate is really showing a lot of confidence in the future of NOW YOU SEE ME. That's what happens when it's the only thing even resembling a franchise a studio has under their belt now that THE HUNGER GAMES have come to an end. Having already announced plans for a third NOW YOU SEE ME last year, it appears as if it's truly going to happen with Jon M. Chu being signed to return to the director's chair for another sequel. 

Chu took over the reins from Louis Leterrier for NOW YOU SEE ME 2, which hasn't arrived in theaters yet and won't until mid-summer. Lionsgate must like what he's done with the sequel or at least believes that #2 will do similar business to the $351.7 million the first one did worldwide and hopes he can do it for a third time. 

Chu's resume has been built on STEP UP and G.I. JOE sequels thus far, so continuing to be the driving force behind the NOW YOU SEE me sequels is right up his alley.

NOW YOU SEE ME 2 appears in theaters starting June 10.

Source: Variety



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