Alex Garland has serious talks with Danny Boyle about 28 Months Later


Screenwriter Alex Garland has been delivering some really solid scripts this decade with the likes of NEVER LET ME GO and DREDD, and the man's directorial debut, EX MACHINA, looks fantastic! His recent work aside, Garland has also been a collaborator with director Danny Boyle, having written 28 DAYS LATER and SUNSHINE. If you're a fan of the former, it looks like the two have been discussing a sequel recently and things are heating up. While Garland stated he would most likely produce a sequel rather than write one, he does say that he and Boyle have some ideas they'd like to implement.

Alex Garland on discussing a sequel with Danny Boyle:

We’ve just started talking about it seriously. We’ve got an idea. Danny [Boyle] and [producer] Andrew [Macdonald] and I have been having quite serious conversations about it so it is a possibility. It’s complicated. There’s a whole bunch of reasons why it’s complicated, which are boring so I won’t go into, but there’s a possibility. It’s more likely to be 28 MONTHS than 28 YEARS. 28 YEARS gives you one more place to go. 28 DECADES is probably taking the piss.

I'm probably in the minority of people that feel the digital cameras of 28 DAYS LATER actually took me OUT of the experience, but there's no denying the effect it had on zombie movies to come after (even if they technically weren't zombies). While WEEKS was nothing mind-blowing, it had some great ideas at its core and delivered an entertaining experience. I'd absolutely be down for a follow-up, especially if Garland and Boyle stay involved in some capacity.

Source: IGN



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