Alicia Vikander set to star in Morten Tyldum's The Marsh King's Daughter

After raiding some tombs as Lara Croft for Roar Uthaug's TOMB RAIDER, Alicia Vikander will star in the Morten Tyldum-directed dramatic thriller THE MARSH KING'S DAUGHTER. Based on the bestselling novel of the same name by Karen Dionne, the Black Bear pictures flick will be scripted for the big screen by Elle Smith and Mark L. Smith (THE REVENANT).

Deadline, who exclusively reported the news early Monday afternoon, says that Vikander will play Helena Petterier, who on the surface leads an ideal life with a great husband and a young daughter. She keeps secret her shocking backstory: her mother was kidnapped as a teen, and she was the product of the relationship between captive and tormentor. She lives for 12 years in a life carefully controlled by her kidnapper/father, until he was caught and sent to prison. An escape that leaves two prison guards dead forces her to confront her secret history and she becomes determined to bring down her father, who gave her all the tools she will need. He is the one called the Marsh King, the man who kept a woman and her young daughter captive in the wilderness for years. Sensing the danger this monster poses for her husband and young daughter, she vows to hunt him down.

Recently while talking about the film, David Kosse, President of STXinternational said that “The Marsh King’s Daughter is one of the most hypnotic thrillers you’ll ever experience, much in the vein of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and Gone Girl, and who better than Morten Tyldum to direct this psychologically gripping story into a complex yet riveting tale about captivity and redemption,”

For THE MARSH KING'S DAUGHTER, Tyldum will once again pair with Black Bear, who in the past had financed THE IMMITATION GAME, the Norwegian filmmaker's Oscar-nominated biographical drama starring Benedict Cumberbatch.

If you simply cannot wait for Vikander's turn in Tyldum's upcoming feature, be sure to check out TOMB RAIDER when it arrives in theaters on March 16th.




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