Amazon's Galaxy Quest revival back on track with Paul Scheer to script

By Grabthar's Hammer, it looks as if Amazon's GALAXY QUEST revival will be avenged, as plans for the Paramount Television-produced series are reportedly back on track.

"Computer, what else can you tell us about the details of this news?"

As the show prepares to move forward, a few changes have been made to the program's writing staff. At one time, the original film's scribe, Robert Gordon, was on deck to pen the pilot episode. Though now we've recieved a transmission from The Hollywood Reporter which states that comedian Paul Scheer will write the series. The show is expected to provide fans with a new spin on the sci-fi cult classic that starred Tim Allen, the late and great Alan Rickman, and the legendary Sigourney Weaver. For the moment, there is no confirmation as to whether any of the original GALAXY QUEST stars will return to reprise their roles.

Additionally, Mark Johnson, who produced the film, is still game to act as the show's executive producer via his Gran Via Productions banner partner Melissa Bernstein. What remains unclear is if GALAXY QUEST director Dean Parisot is still a part of the team. Thankfully, Robert Gordon will sill executively produce the series alongside Johnson and Bernstein.

As you may recall, plans for the Amazon series were going full-speed-ahead until the sad passing of Alan Rickman, who played Alexander Dane in the original film. In talking about the revival, GALAXY QUEST star Sam Rockwell had said, "We were ready to sign up, and [then] Alan Rickman passed away and Tim Allen wasn’t available — he had LAST MAN STANDING — and everybody’s schedule was all weird. It was going to shoot, like, right now. And how do you fill that void of Alan Rickman? That’s a hard void to fill," Rockwell stated back in April. Of course, now that ABC has cancelled LAST MAN STANDING, Allen would be available to suit up as Commander Jason Nesmith.

How are you feeling about this news? Do you think the show will work if none of the film's original stars return? Will it even feel like a GALAXY QUEST revival if they don't? Will we seeing Enrico Colantoni as Mathesar, or Missy Pyle as Laliari?

As Jason would often say, "Never give up. Never surrender."

We'll be sure to keep you up to date on any developements regarding the revival of GALAXY QUEST.  

Extra Tidbit: What if they presented this show as the children of the Galaxy Quest fleet? That could work, right? It's a little uninspired, but perhaps that's a better plan than to work around original cast returns?



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