And for no good reason, a Space Invaders movie is in the works

Who says there's no good ideas left in Hollywood? Probably anyone who reads this news.

A movie based on the classic videogame SPACE INVADERS is in the works with producer Lorenzo di Boniventura, who already found success adapting popular nostalgia properties TRANSFORMERS and G.I. JOE.

But at least those had brand name value and extensive toy lines and animated shows with some history to draw from, while SPACE INVADERS is an addictive game where players shoot lines at slowly advancing rows of vaguely alien shapes before they reach your precious huts. And that's it.

And so the search is now on for a writer to come up with some way to build an entire mythology around the seminal but simplistic quarter-munching game... which di Boniventura is already also trying to do with a movie version of ASTEROIDS, the game in which players zip around in the letter A while using destructive dots to break down drifting polygons.

Makes sense, right? Now that's top notch movie material!
Extra Tidbit: You can experience the original excitement of playing SPACE INVADERS (or a reasonable facsimile) right HERE.
Source: Heat Vision



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