Ant-Man calls upon the Avengers in new extended TV spot and posters

I can't decided if the new direction of the ANT-MAN marketing campaign is fantastic or merely a shameless ploy with which to connect ANT-MAN to that much more popular group of superheroes; I suppose it can be both. With ANT-MAN's release just over a month away it's time for Marvel to pull out the big guns to get people in the seats. To that end, the studio has released three new posters for ANT-MAN which play up his size-changing abilities as well as his future connection to THE AVENGERS.

I'd say check them out below but you know how scrolling works.

I've said it before but each new trailer and TV spot has managed to bump up my anticipation for the film little by little. Marvel has surprised me in the past so here's hoping that ANT-MAN will be a pleasant one. Also released was a brand new extended TV spot in which Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) voices what many of us have found ourselves wondering; why doesn't someone just call The Avengers?

ANT-MAN is set for a July 17, 2015 release.

Source: Youtube



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