Arrested director & plot

Arrested Wars

Sick of hearing news about an ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT film that never actually happens? Well How 'bout if a director is onboard?  AND one who knows that stuff better than anyone?

A weekend event on "The Art of Storytelling" in Austin, Texas saw AD creator Michael Hurwitz and Opie himself Ron Howard confirm what most were expecting, that Hurwitz will be directing from his own script.

Also being tackled hard to divulge plot details, Hurwitz finally let out the tidbit that that there would be a heavy jail presence and then made jokes about the inclusion of TARP money, a nod to the inability of a film to be as timely as television due to lag times in production and release.

He also confessed he wanted a different style for the movie, but Howard insisted it remained the same, although writing for a feature is probably not the same as for a commercials-flanked 22-minutes sitcom.

I wish I had a killer quote from the show to finish this, but I haven't been the most faithful AD watcher I'm afraid... So who's got one?

Extra Tidbit: Haven't followed the show that much, but wasn't the prison thing over with in the finale?
Source: Slash Film



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