Because there aren't enough Snow White projects, get ready for The Order of the Seven

And because we need to cover more Saoirse Ronan stories... The Irish beauty is not only starring in Twilight author Stephanie Meyer's THE HOST, but is now attached to headline yet another Snow White pic called simply THE ORDER OF THE SEVEN. The pic is being directed by first time feature helmer Michael Gracey.

Here's a synopsis:

A centuries old and once revered Order of Warriors, now a jaded group of outlaws, must reclaim their destiny after the reemergence of an ancient evil empress. Ronan will play Olivia Sinclair, a British ex-pat of 19th Century Hong Kong who guides the warriors back to their noble roots. The film will be lined with stars from China, Russia and Japan.

Ah, Saoirse, you've come a long way from I COULD NEVER BE YOUR WOMAN. With bigger roles coming her way, especially with Peter Jackson's THE LOVELY BONES, the Oscar-winning ATONEMENT and then the LEON-esque HANNA, Ronan is making quite a name for herself.

Now that she's transitioning into leading lady status, it'll be interesting to see which direction she goes. She's got the acting chops to pull off the more dramatic pics, but can also break a mean neck when called for it. I'd hate to see her get pigeonholed as she seems to have a good eye for diversity in her roles.

Expect to see and hear more as this gets behind the lens and we see how Tarsem's MIRROR, MIRROR and SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN fair at the box office.

Extra Tidbit: Diversity is also the name of an old, old wooden ship that was used during the Civil War era.
Source: Deadline



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