Best Movie & TV Trailers of the Week - Us, Bandersnatch

Whip up the Christmas leftovers and bring out the coffee, it's time for the best movie and TV trailers of the week!

It's a Festivus miracle! Writer/director Jordan Peele has blessed us with the first trailer for his brand new film, simply titled US. You can check out the first plot details here and the new poster here, but basically, the film is about a family that embarks on what's supposed to be a quiet little vacation, only to be hounded by home invaders who happen to be literal doppelgangers of themselves. Based on Peele's directorial debut GET OUT, which plays as if it were one long BLACK MIRROR episode, I'd say his next endeavor is going to blow us all away yet again. I can't wait to see what this talented filmmaker has up his sleeve next.

Speaking of BLACK MIRROR, showrunner Charlie Brooker has delighted fans everywhere by offering up the first episode of the upcoming fifth season way ahead of schedule -- as in, you can watch it right freaking now via Netflix's streaming service. Starring Will Poulter from THE REVENANT, this early season 5 episode titled "BANDERSNATCH" is actually long enough to be considered a feature length film, and it plays out as a choose-your-own-adventure, in a way that only BLACK MIRROR could pull off. I've yet to watch the little movie myself, but it's directed by METALHEAD helmer David Slade, and the plot synopsis is as follows: "A young programmer who makes a fantasy novel into a game. Soon, reality and virtual world are mixed and start to create confusion." Into it.

Next up, we have the best TV trailers of the week! There's THE ABC MURDERS, HIGH MAINTINENCE season 3, VALLEY OF THE BOOM, YOUNG JUSTICE: OUTSIDERS season 3, and more!

Of course, it comes as no surprise that Jordan Peele wins the week (and perhaps the whole year) with the very best trailer for his highly anticipated new film, US. I mean, when you've got spooky doppelgangers, kids at the beach wearing JAWS shirts, and nods to horror classics like MARTYRS and FUNNY GAMES all in one trailer, what else could really stand a chance at showing up such a promising new feature? Check it out for yourself below.



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