Breaking: Corey Haim dead at age 38

UPDATE - TMZ reports that Haim collapsed at his mother's house late last night and was found with a number of bottles of medication nearby. He was reportedly sick this week but the medication was not prescribed for his current illness. Contrary to earlier reports, no illicit drugs were found on the scene and his death is so far ruled accidental.

UPDATE 2 - Reflect back on the career of Corey Haim with a bunch of trailers and videos from his films including THE LOST BOYS, DREAM A LITTLE DREAM, LUCAS, WATCHERS, CRANK HIGH VOLTAGE and more.

Not too long ago, I joked on Twitter that I will open and read any e-mail that includes Corey Haim in the header. Today though came the e-mail that I always dreaded when seeing his name. Corey Haim died earlier this morning in Los Angeles at the age of 38, reportedly of a drug overdose.

The news is still breaking so exact details are unknown but according to TMZ, Haim was taken to the hospital sometime last night and police responded to the scene around 4am (though that timeline seems a little backward). He was pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

The late-90s and 2000s did not treat Haim very well after a quick rise to stardom in the 80s with movies like LUCAS, THE LOST BOYS and LICENSE TO DRIVE. He attempted comebacks on numerous occasions but always seemed to be undone by his drug habit. He had difficulty filming his scenes for THE LOST BOYS 2 and A&E refused a third season of "The Two Coreys" when co-star Corey Feldman refused to participate with Haim until he kicked the habit.

Extra Tidbit: Been a rough few months for Corey Feldman, eh?
Source: TMZ



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