Bruce Campbell is set to star in new Evil Dead TV series

There's a lot up in the air for all things EVIL DEAD and as far as I'm concerned, that's a good thing! Whether or not any of these come to fruition . . . well, we've heard talk about Evil Dead news before, so let's get right to it. For those of you who were fans of the EVIL DEAD remake (I certainly was), last we heard was that director Fede Alvarez had a sci-fi project in the works, but still had some ideas regarding a sequel to EVIL DEAD.  While I would love to see a sequel that explores new territory, mum's been the word as of late.

That brings us to the originators themselves, Saim Raimi and Bruce Campbell.  The initial plan was for Raimi to finally give the fans what they want with a sequel to ARMY OF DARKNESS.  Not suprisingly, that news has fallen by the wayside in light of the announcement made at Comic Con that Raimi is looking to create an Evil Dead TV series.  There weren't a lot details given about that, but many were left wondering if that would negate the ARMY OF DARKNESS sequel that was in the works, follow the remake, or be its own entity!  It looks like we have a better idea at the direction they may be taking thanks to a Twitter response from Bruce Campbell.

Given that he's beeing groomed as the lead (that's kind of a shocker, actually), I imagine the TV show may follow the events proceeding ARMY OF DARKNESS.  Whether or not we still get a film variation is anyone's guess, but at least we know that a whole heap of charm and chin is in order.

Extra Tidbit: How do you feel about an Evil Dead TV series?
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