Director Fede Alvarez already working on a script for Evil Dead 2 and has talked to Sam Raimi about Evil Dead 4

Evil Dead

Excitement for Fede Alvarez's EVIL DEAD has been steadily growing week to week and the film receieved an enthusiastic response at its world premiere at SXSW on Friday. I still think the remake/reboot isn't going to win everyone over, but I'm personally OK with it and can't wait to see the film.

Collider spoke to Alvarez recently and asked him if there were plans for an EVIL DEAD 2. While a script is in the works it sounds like it is still very early on and Fede Alvarez isn't officially signed on quite yet:

I think it's going to depend on where we take it. Right now, we just to to write it. For me, it's if we manage to agree, but we're just starting to build a story and figure out what kind of movie it's going to be, and it depends on what it is. It depends on the story we find, because personally, I think it has to shock everybody. It has to go to a different place just like ARMY OF DARKNESS did with EVIL DEAD 2. It has to do that switch that every EVIL DEAD movie did with the previous one.

Alvarez also goes on to say that he doesn't want the EVIL DEAD 2 to be a remake of Sam Raimi's EVIL DEAD 2 and what that means for the sequel:

Well, right now you have to create something different and completely new. And it's exciting for me because in a long time, this, the new one-the next one-is going to be completely new, fresh, 100% original, you bet. Because this one has so many ties to the first one that at the end of the day, being what it is, it's like a sound of the original movie. But this next one, it's not a remake of EVIL DEAD 2. It's something completely new and different. I'm so excited to see where that's going to go.

Collider also got a chance to ask Fede Alvarez if Sam Raimi has started work on the script for the recently announced EVIL DEAD 4 and they had this exchange:

Has Sam Raimi talked to you because he’s writing Evil Dead 4 now—

ALVAREZ: He’s not!  He’s not. 

He’s not writing it?

ALVAREZ: He wants to do it.  I can tell you that because we’ve talked about it.  He wants to try and find the best movie to do it.  He has a story, he pitched it to me about what he wants to do with Bruce and Ash on Evil Dead 4.  It’s definitely something he wants to do.  At the end of the day, bringing this saga back to life is the best way to do it.  And look, they don’t call him “The Master” just because.

Lots of DEAD in our future boys and girls and I couldn't be happier. EVIL DEAD is in theaters April 5, 2013.

Extra Tidbit: What do you want to see happen to Ash in EVIL DEAD 4?
Source: Collider



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