C-Films wants us to go to the 'Beach' for disasters and laughs

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Have you been sitting around wondering why there aren't more comedies about environmental disasters? Me too.

Lucky for us Variety is reporting that the Swiss based company C-Films has a new project called GLOBAL BEACH in the works. The satirical film "centers on a group of people who become trapped in a modern glass house atop a mountain when sea levels suddenly rise around the world and turn the scenic peak into an island." The film will be directed by Fulvio Bernasconi and co-produced with Studio Hamburg Film Prods. The two companies previously worked together for the upcoming thriller NIGHT TRAIN TO LISBON.

The best satires should make you think while you laugh. A satirical movie shouldn't forget that is suppose to be a comedy and not get preachy with whatever point its trying to make. On the other hand though, there are few things more annoying then a movie that's a full on comedy trying to shoehorn some message into the film because the topic may be trendy or just because they felt like it. I'm looking at you, end credits to THE OTHER GUYS.

I'm interested in seeing a satirical look on environmental catastrophes from a foreign perspective so if that idea intrigues you as well keep a look out for more news.

Extra Tidbit: So THE IMPOSSIBLE wasn't suppose to be funny? My bad.
Source: Variety



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