Caruso wants Thor?

Director DJ Caruso has been a slow burn -- after the underappreciated SALTON SEA, the messy TAKING LIVES and the mediocre TWO FOR THE MONEY, he finally ripped into the big leagues with DISTURBIA (Hitchcock swipe or not) and looks to do it again with EAGLE EYE.

Now that he's probably got his pick of projects, what's he eyeballing? We know he wants to adapt the comic Y: THE LAST MAN, but that's apparently not the only funnybook he's interested in bringing to life. Caruso tells IESB that he's kind of keen on Marvel's THOR, which has an empty director's chair after Matthew Vaughn (LAYER CAKE, STARDUST) departed.

Caruso says he was a fan of the comic as a kid and wouldn't mind making a feature of the mighty Mjolnir-swinging thunder god as a kid, but he admits ambivalence over how to portray the character (and there's the outstanding matter of the AVENGERS movie roster). But he seems at least moderately serious about it, as he says: "I have had some talks with Marvel about it but I have not seen a screenplay. It could be something that I am interested in."


Extra Tidbit: Marvel originally announced their THOR movie for a 2010 release date, which seems pretty optimistic given its current status.
Source: IESB



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