CAST THIS: Adam Jensen (Deus Ex)

You may have noticed that Cast This columns are getting a little scarce. It's not that I don't want to write them, it's just that there aren't many movies being announced these days that have iconic characters that need casting. Superhero movies are starting to slow down, and historical epics find their stars almost immediately.

But whatever. I'm sick of waiting around for a story to pop up, so I'm going to create one. This week, Deus Ex: Human Revolution was released across all platforms. I've been playing it non-stop the past few days and I bet a few of you have as well. There is no announced movie based on the game, but with how cinematic it is, and how rich the world feels, there damn well should be. So who would play the game's star, ADAM JENSEN?

Jensen is a bionic killing machine who has mechanical augments forced upon him after the corporation he works for is attacked. He has a propensity for sunglasses (at all times), and his hair and beard remind of me a certain mascot for a certain movie site that will remain unnamed.

Then there's his voice. He's brought to life by actor Elias Toufexis, though the role would probably go to a more major actor. His voice sounds like a cross between Christian Bale's Batman and Timothy Olyphant, and I suppose either could be considered for the part.

Who do you think should don the iconic trenchcoat and metal arms (and legs, and back, and torso) to play Jensen? There are a myraid of action stars to be considered, and fighting skills are a must. Let me know what you think, but first...


A long time ago, we tried recasting Nathan Drake now that Mark Wahlberg had left the part (thank god). There were a few favorites going in, so let's see who you chose:

1. Nathan Fillion (96%)

Well, alright then.

Never before have I seen so many comments in favor of one actor for a part. Yes, he was the favorite, but man, does he have a ton of support to get this role. I think a few other names like Gerard Butler and Matt Damon were tossed around, but only got like one vote apiece so they weren't worth mentioning.

Personally, I think they have to go with Fillion. Guy needs a big starring movie role breakthrough (SERENITY) doesn't count, and if there was ever a role he was born to play, it's this one. Give him a shot.

Alright, now let's hear your picks for Jensen.


Extra Tidbit: The trailer is the best of the year I've seen. For movies or video games.
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