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The number of big-screen adaptations of DC Comics superheroes continues to grow... even if the actors who will portray many of them remains a mystery.

Batgirl now joins the list of as-yet-uncast DC characters that also includes Nightwing, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Hal Jordan and John Stewart of the Green Lantern Corps. It was recently announced that "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" creator and former Marvel movie director Joss Whedon is jumping to the DC universe to write, direct and produce a BATGIRL solo adventure.

After a previous comic character of the same name was introduced and quickly eliminated in the early 1960s, the more popular version of Batgirl was initially brought to the pages as an attempt to cross-promote the Adam West "Batman" TV series (where she was memorably played by Yvonne Craig). Barbara Gordon, the daughter of police commissioner Jim Gordon, slipped on her own superhero outfit as Batgirl to battle crime alongside Batman and Robin for two decades worth of comics.

And then in the acclaimed 1988 one-shot comic story "Batman: The Killing Joke", Barbara is shot by the Joker and left paralyzed, ending her days as Batgirl. Confined to a wheelchair, she takes on the alias of Oracle and uses her computer skills (and photographic memory) to provide information and support to the Dark Knight and his colleagues.

While other characters have worn the cowl during various comic stories (including former assassin Cassandra Cain), and Alicia Silverstone portrayed the character in director Joel Schumacher's scorned BATMAN & ROBIN, Whedon's upcoming movie version of the character will reportedly draw inspiration from the revamped "New 52" rendition of Batgirl.

Writer Gail Simone's comic update features Barbara suffering the same injury from the Joker and spending time as Oracle, but ultimately recovering and returning to her costumed crimefighting capacity. While dealing with some of Batman's enemies and a rogues gallery of her own, she contends with PTSD and the attention that her vigilante activities attract from the law -- including her own father.

So who will join Ben Affleck's Batman and the still-uncast Nightwing as part of the live-action Bat-family?

It's tough to tell what age range will be sought for the new leading lady (in theory, the movie could be a prequel), but mid-20s seems like a good guess. Her cinematic dad's a bit on the older side -- she's the daughter of Commissioner Gordon, played in JUSTICE LEAGUE by 62-year-old J.K. Simmons -- but Batgirl also probably shouldn't be old enough that the "girl" part of her identity feels ironic.

Emma Roberts ("Scream Queens", MEET THE MILLERS) or Jane Levy (DON'T BREATHE, EVIL DEAD) fit that range, and seem like they could be competent at kicking criminal butt while delivering Whedon's signature snark. If they cast on the younger end of the spectrum, Hailee Steinfeld could also handle herself in a starring role.

Let us know below who you think would make an amazing Batgirl!

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