CAST THIS: The Rat Pack

This column has been known to focus on superheroes and video game characters more often than not, as those are the type of properties being adapted these days, but today we're going to class things up a bit.

Martin Scorsese is currently trying to get his ducks in a row for a biopic about Frank Sinatra. Scorsese + biopic? That's got Oscar written all over it, and surely this will be a pretty huge project. He may have his own ideas about who he wants in the lead roles, but today we're here to figure out who YOU would want to see cast as THE RAT PACK.

We could just do Sinatra, but I thought it best to do the famed trio adding in Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. as well. Yes, it's true, there were more members of the Rat Pack who came and went, but I think three's a pretty good limit, and these guys are the most recognizable of the bunch.

A lot of us will be too young to have appreciated them at their prime, but most of us know what icons these guys were in their day. They starred in the original OCEAN'S 11, and yeah, with their level of fame I guess they could be considered the Clooney, Pitt and Damon of their time. But oh yeah, they can SING! 

The last time we did a triple feature, it was for the THREE STOOGES, but this is a tad more prestigious of a project. I know that Scorsese probably has a lot of his old favorite in mind here, but who do YOU think should play these three legends?


In our last chapter of Cast This, we decided to figure out who should star in the upcoming DAREDEVIL reboot. Who'd you pick?

1. Garret Hedlund (18%) 2. Michael C. Hall (15%) 3. Guy Pearce (10%)

Interesting choices here. You guys sound like Hollywood studio executives calling for Hedlund, who has been attached to every new project I've heard of in the past few months. He's just so hot right now. But is he right for the part? Eh, I could see it I suppose, but I'm not sure.

I love Dexter like you guys do, but I don't know about Hall in this role. I'm also a huge Guy Pearce fan, but I can't see him in a superhero role myself. I don't know, I guess this is a occasion where I disagree with the majority.

Alright, so how about that Rat Pack?

Extra Tidbit: I swear to God if someone suggests Michael Buble...
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