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You know, I thought I was running out of superheroes to cast for this column, but then I remembered that oh wait, this is Hollywood and its new motto? REBOOT EVERYTHING.

The latest superhero to get the revamp is one that arguably could use it. While many might have questioned abandoning Sam Raimi for an early SPIDER-MAN reboot, I would say that giving this property a re-do is a bit more justified. DAREDEVIL is about to return.

So yes, we all remember the original film where Ben Affleck battled his future wife Jennifer Garner with Colin Farrell along for the ride. The movie wasn't too great, and what was most lambasted was the casting of Affleck in the titular role of Matt Murdock.

But now with David Slade's reboot, there's a chance to start over. Yes, the man has the Twilight stink on him after directing ECLIPSE, but he also did 30 DAYS OF NIGHT and could probably make a decent film.

The question now is who will be our new Daredevil? Murdock is a great character as a blind superhero and smart lawyer, and this could be a good breakout vehicle for an actor depending on the quality of the final product. Yes, he'll be wearing a mask and/or sunglasses most of the time, but hey, it's still a starring role.


A week ago we attempted to cast the new lovely young lead in the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot. Are you seeing a pattern here? In any case, who did you guys pick?

1. Rhona Mitra (16%) 2. Olivia Wilde (12%) 3. Kate Beckinsale (8%)

Interesting choices. Mitra would be a very authentic pick, and she's got the body for it. She also got her start in the industry by being a Tomb Raider model at comic conventions, so she knows the role to some extent. Or at least how the shorts fit.

Olivia Wilde is everyone's favorite young actress these days, but I can see complaints about her lack of signature boobage. Kate Beckinsale could be a very good choice, as she's been kicking ass for years in inordinate amounts of UNDERWORLD movies, and needs to move on from that series.

Alright, how about Daredevil?

Extra Tidbit: Are they going to reboot ELEKTRA too?
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