Check out these fantastic unused Jurassic Park posters

Everyone loves a good slice of poster artwork; the iconic ones may even be in your line of vision right now! If I can see my BACK TO THE FUTURE and E.T. poster; I know I am home. As you can imagine, the great ones probably weren’t a done deal with a first attempt; the art of Drew Struzan and John Alvin, as great as they are, likely saw many versions. Today, a number of unused posters for Steven Spielberg’s JURASSIC PARK have been unveiled in anticipation of the release of the book "The Art of John Alvin", a retrospective collection of his finest movie poster work.

Alvin’s resume of poster artwork includes greats like THE LION KING, BLADE RUNNER, ALADDIN, and BLAZING SADDLES. A lot of these unused JURASSIC PARK posters are pretty great, I’m curious to know why they didn’t use a few of them. Check them out bellow and be on the lookout for "The Art of John Alvin" which will be released on August 16th 2014.

Can you pick a favorite out of the 31 posters?

Click for higher resolution:

Posters via Movies.com, IGN, THR, and Flavorwire.

Extra Tidbit: Alvin’s last work was on Disney’s Enchanted, released a year before his death.



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