Chloe Moretz joins the YA craze in The 5th Wave trailer

You're going to earn your money in trying to make it through the new international trailer for THE 5TH WAVE, Sony's latest attempt to capitalize on the YA craze that's produced such hits as THE HUNGER GAMES and DIVERGENT and such misses as BEAUTIFUL CREATURES and THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS.

Oh, it's not because the film looks bad. It looks... okay, average, about what you'd expect from a sci-fi adaptation of Rick Yancey's alien invasion trilogy. It's because Chloe Moretz's voiceover narration of what's going on is pretty... Well, let's just say, not good.

Moretz is one of the last survivors of mankind, preparing to fight back against the Others. This alien race is preparing to wipe out humanity for good with their 5th Wave of attacks, which you know they're going to get extreme resistence to. Along the way, Moretz will find romance and... you know the drill.

However, from the sounds of it alone, Moretz seems like a poor fit for the material, and really has me turned off on any sort of potential this could have. See (and hear) for yourself. You'll have my respect if you can make it through all the way.

You can prepare for THE FIFTH WAVE to hit theaters on January 15, 2016.

Source: Sony Pictures



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