Chris Evans goes as Captain America to children's hospital with Chris Pratt


You may have heard, but Chris Evans and Chris Pratt made a little wager before this year's Superbowl. The losing party would have to dress up in full Marvel attire and visit the winner's hospital of choice. As fate would have it, the New England Patriots won and Pratt sported his Star Lord gear when him and Evans dropped by Christopher's Haven - a home for children and their families who are battling cancer. Given what stand-up guys these two are, they announced that they would be going to BOTH hospitals, and they made good on that promise yesterday when they visited Seattle Children's Hospital.

Check it out:


Taking on the roles of Captain American and Star Lord thrust Evans and Pratt into the spotlight, and it's great that they're using that as a platform to inspire others. In true superhero fashion, they've gone above and beyond. It's good to know that the two of them are aware of their role model status and are willing to help out in ways that only they can. Of course, there are other ways for everyone else to help out too, and you can check your local hospitals in terms of donations, volunteering and much more. If you happen to be in the Seattle area, you can click here to see what else you can do for Seattle Children's Hospital. You don't have to be Star Lord or Captain America to make a difference, although that certainly doesn't hurt!

You can check out Chris Evans as Captain America next in AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON which hits theaters May 1st.




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