Christian Bale may star alongside Johnny Depp in Wally Pfister's directorial debut, Transcendence

The general movie going public likely does not know the name of Wally Pfister, but if you are on this site you probably recognize who that is instantly. For those of you who don't, Pfister is the cinematographer behind the classic films THE GRANNY, THE ITALIAN JOB, and MONEYBALL. Oh, and he has also shot the Christopher Nolan films MEMENTO, INSOMNIA, THE PRESTIGE, INCEPTION, and all three of THE DARK KNIGHT trilogy.

While he may be synonymous with the visual style that we associate with Christopher Nolan, Pfister has decided to branch out and direct his own movies. Just a couple of days ago we brought the news that Johnny Depp would star in Pfister's TRANSCENDENCE. Now, we have a little plot detail and another leading man who may join the project: Christian Bale.

Obviously Bale and Pfister know each other well from THE DARK KNIGHT films and THE PRESTIGE, so they would likely get along very well. But, as exciting as it would be to see what Pfister can do as director, seeing Bale and Depp act off each other is a very cool possibility.

Based on a report over at CHUD, TRANSCENDENCE is something of a high-tech Frankenstein, with a programmer creating a computer that becomes self-aware and runs amok. Pfister will be working off a screenplay by first time writer Jack Paglen.

The movie is calling for three male leads. Depp is a lock, Bale is a rumor, but who would you like to see finish out the trio? I am calling for Clive Owen. I think that would make for some interesting tension.

No release dates are mentioned, but I wouldn't expect to see TRANSCENDENCE before 2014.

Source: CHUD



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