Christina Hendricks will experience Seconds of Pleasure

What? Like I was going to pass up writing an article where Christina Hendricks is starring in a movie called SECONDS OF PLEASURE?

But no, the film is not a chronicle of those suffering with premature ejaculation, rather it's a movie that takes place on an airplane where people's lives connect to each other via vignettes. Julia Stiles, Matt Dillon, Kristen Scott Thomas and Brendan Fraiser are on board, and Hendricks has joined the cast as Fraiser's wife, and the two are having problems after he's caught in a "compromising position."

The project has undergone an additional shift as director Neil LaBute is being replaced by Mike Figgis (LEAVING LAS VEGAS), with LaBute's script still being used.

Hendricks is using her Mad Men hiatus to do the film which starts shooting in the UK this summer. But really, I posted this because I always love hearing the violent "is Hendricks actually hot or is it just her boobs?" debate that always fires up whenever she's mentioned.

Exhibit A:

Extra Tidbit: And I must remind you that she's married to the Snozzberries guy from SUPER TROOPERS.
Source: Deadline



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