Coen Brothers writing a full-on horror script

Practically every genre the Coen's decide to touch turns to gold. Comedy? LEBOWSKI. Drama? NO COUNTRY. Comedy Action Drama? TRUE GRIT. The list is endless.

But one genre the duo has steered away from is horror, with their closest effort probably being BLOOD SIMPLE way back in the day. But speaking to Empire, the brothers revealed that might actually change.

"Funny you should ask, yes, we're working on a couple of scripts now, one of which it would be fair to call a full-on horror movie. Frances McDormand is the monster."

Guessing that's a joke about Frances McDormand, but if not, I'll roll with it. Granted we know nothing about this proposed horror script, or if it will even end up getting made with everything else they're working on, but I'd really like to see what they do with the genre. It's interesting to see directors go outside their usual into something like horror, which is why I'm actually very curious to see Kevin Smith's RED STATE.

What do you think a Coen brothers horror flick would look like?

Extra Tidbit: I think I'd have to go with FARGO as my favorite film from the duo, with TRUE GRIT a close second. Yours?
Source: Empire



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