Comic Con: Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Hall H Panel

As we continue our coverage of the 2014 SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL, I now bring you exclusive coverage of a film that fans of the original film and the graphic novel have been waiting nearly a decade for. SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR hosted a terrific panel in Hall H which included director Robert Rodriguez, writer/director Frank Miller, Rosario Dawson, Josh Brolin and Jessica Alba. It started off with a terrific look at our introduction to Mickey Rourke as Marv once again in this prequel story as he deals out tons of punishment to those who deserve it the most. It's clear that Mickey Rourke hasn't lost his edge at all and the same old Marv we love is back. The visuals were gorgeous and the dialogue was pure badass like we all remember. You can tell that Rodriguez has taken adavantage of today's technology.

After the footage was shown, the cast each started talking about coming back after a decade and all of them were very enthusiastic. Rosario Dawson said she was game for anything and wanted to make sure that she didn't cheap-out when it came to Gail. Josh Brolin was extremely happy with playing the character although found the green-screen filming a bit daunting at first as he wasn't used to it. Josh was actually Rodriguez's first choice to play the earlier Dwight whom Clive Owen played in the original after the characters facial reconstruction. Josh had always wanted to act with Rourke and was disappointed to find out that despite sharing scenes in the film, they didn't share any physically as the method of filming didn't require it.

Then it came to Jessica Alba whom everyone complimented for going all-out for her return as Nancy Callahan. She would perform all the choreography herself based on Frank Miller's illustrations and was so into character at times that members of the cast and crew including Frank thought that Jessica didn't like them for some reason. They then spoke about Joseph Gordon-Levitt joining the cast and how much of a privilege it was to create an original story and character for him. After that they spoke about Powers Boothe as he has a much more prominent role and Jessica said he can be a very frightening person at times when he becomes the Rourke character. She then said that Eva Green was even scarier when she was in the zone.

After those quotes from the cast, they went back to Frank Miller who briefly discussed his writing and how certain projects he's done are so important to him. At one point he mentioned The Dark Knight returns which got a massive reaction from the Hall H crowd since the Batman vs. Superman teaser footage had premiered earlier this morning. Rodriguez spoke a bit about how he tends to record musical beats for the score with his smart phone and would be lying in bed recording beats that he liked. Finally there was a question involving future sequels and Miller confirmed that SIN CITY 3 was being discussed. Finally at the very end, they put on a kick-ass extended trailer for everyone that was filled with new footage and included some very cool little cameos that I won't spoil for you here. Overall the new film looks like a blast and we certainly can't wait to see it finished.

Extra Tidbit: I might be in the minority here but I don't think Alba even compares to Rosario Dawson.
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