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The second I arrived at Comic-Con this year, I was shocked at the turnout for what they call “preview night”.  In past years, there was not quite that many folks running around purchasing T-shirts and other collectibles, but not so this year... You could barely move as people came at us from all sides. And when Rusty (our videographer) and I hit the ground, we had to hit it running.

2009 is a very different year for JoBlo.com when it comes to this year at the Con. Sure, we are smacking down on a few red carpets, panels and a screening here and there, but we want to say hi to the guys and gals that read us and make JoBlo.com what it is. Between Moreno and I, quite a few of you stopped by to give us props and say that you loved the site. That is cool as hell of y’all and doesn’t go unnoticed. So this year, we are making a serious effort to talk to the fans. Not just for fans of the site, but for fans of all things Comic-Con!

During that very first night, Rusty and I ran into a few of you guys, “cheerleaders” shouting about “Heroes”, and someone to give a line reading from TRANSFORMERS 2. The crowd was insane and for the most part, happily talked with us about what is worth the our eyes and ears this year. Because let’s face it, the real energy of the Con is the fans. Without them, you’ve got a big ole’ empty convention center and that’s no fun.

With that said, if you are in San Diego enjoying the insanity this year, and you see me, Rusty, Ammon, Mike, Jim or of course Moreno, say what’s what. But be warned, we may wanna put you on the site! Check out our preview night video montage below...

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