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Cool Videos

When you sit back and look at what Marvel has accomplished with Phase 1 it's pretty damn impressive. I don't think anyone thought that it would go this well, especially the colossal success they had with THE AVENGERS. In fact, I don't think Marvel gets enough credit for what they've done. Even if you didn't like a single Marvel film you have to at least appreciate the huge risk (not just financially either) the studio took with these films. It takes a lot of balls to do what they pulled off and just because Phase 1 was a hit doesn't mean they're going to take the easy route now. GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY and ANT-MAN are big gambles but I have a lot more faith in Marvel at the start of Phase 2 then I did at the beginning of Phase 1.

With Marvel's Phase 2 officially starting today with the release of IRON MAN 3, JoBlo's very own Nick Bosworth has created a loving tribute to Phase 1 to help celebrate. It's put together very well and the twelve-year-old inside me couldn't help but smile while watching all these film clips together. Although it's a tribute to Phase 1, Nick threw in some Phase 2 footage in for good measure: clips from the trailers for IRON MAN 3 and THOR: THE DARK WORLD make an appearance as well. Enjoy.

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Extra Tidbit: Have you seen IRON MAN 3 yet?
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