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Every year there's at least a couple of movies that have the President of the United States (fictional and real) in them but this year you've got OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN with Aaron Eckhart, WHITE HOUSE DOWN with Jamie Foxx tomorrow and THE BUTLER is out in August featuring six different Presidents with everyone from John Cusack as Richard Nixon to Alan Rickman as Ronald Reagan.

But how will they compare to previous movie Presidents? Especially the classic ones in this fantastic new JoBlo.com video exclusive of Top 10 Movie Presidents. There have been a ton of movie Presidents so your favorite portrayal of the POTUS may have been left out but the video is a great mix of both real life and pure "movie" Presidents. The Top Ten list also has a variety of comedic and dramatic Presidents as well as one leader of the free world who ends up at number one that you would not want to f*ck with.

Hail to the Movie Chiefs!

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Extra Tidbit: Although he doesn't become President until the end one of my favorites not on the list is John Travolta's Governor Jack Stanton in PRIMARY COLORS.
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