Cool Videos: Insanely awesome rally driving through the Universal Studios backlot!

This is essentially a giant commercial for DC Shoes executive and pro Monster World Rally Team driver Ken Block that's advertising, what? Shoes? Monster Energy drink? Ford Fiestas? It doesn't really matter, because starting at the 1:25 mark is some of the most insane stunt rally driving you're probably going to ever see!

Taking place entirely on the famous Universal Studios backlot, Block and his suped-up Ford Fiesta race and drift with reckless abandon through some of the location's most famous attractions (not to mention a random encounter with a dude in a gorilla or sasquatch outfit or something). It's completely bonkers, movie related in only a passive way, but absolutely cool as shit. Check it out!

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Extra Tidbit: I know it's tuned here, but man, the Ford Fiesta has come a long way since I remember it in the 90s as a tiny little piece of shit car.
Source: Badass Digest



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