Cool Videos: This trailer imagines what if Martin Scorsese directed It's A Wonderful Life

When the news surfaced last week that a sequel to IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE was being developed, the reaction was not positive in the least. In fact, the idea of remaking such a classic was downright wrong. But, that doesn't mean we can't have a little fun imagining alternate scenarios where the film could have been directed by someone else and how that would have turned out.

Take, for instance, Martin Scorsese. The man is not known for directing Frank Capra-esque flights of fancy. In fact, Scorsese's films tend to be brutal, tough, and not always happy. With the exception of HUGO, Martin Scorsese's films are usually populated by less than upstanding characters. His latest film, THE WOLF OF WALL STREET, tells the story of real life people who are the exact opposite of upstanding.

Mesh those two together and you get the brilliant trailer for THE WOLF OF BEDFORD FALLS which combines Jimmy Stewart's iconic Christmas film with the greed and corruption at home in Scorsese's upcoming Christmas release. The results are classic.

THE WOLF OF WALL STREET opens Christmas Day.

Source: YouTube



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